About The Plot Factory

Hey. I’m Miles. I work in IT, but I’m a historian and preservationist by training. Someday soon, I hope to leave IT to pursue a full-time career in writing and historic preservation.
The Plot Factory serves as a personal creative outlet, an avenue for nurturing relationships with other creative souls, and a platform for my professional history and writing aspirations.
As of April 2017, this site is in its infancy, but I want it to offer a wide range of content. Obviously, there will be a bunch of my ramblings, but it will also publish an online reading discussion, interviews with writers working in various mediums and genres, a cartoon/art gallery, occasional book and movie reviews, short fiction and essays, and any other material that might build a community of writers and promote their work.
If you have questions or comments, want to contribute to the site, or if you need reviewers or beta readers, please let me know, and I’ll do what I can to help.
Also, if you need help with a website or any kind of history or preservation services, use the contact form to shoot me a note.


What’s up with the cartoons?
I used to draw cartoons for the Univerity of North Carolina Daily Tarheel and the Montana State University Exponent. I still like to draw a cartoon from time to time, and one day I might try my hand at a collection. But it is important to note that the cartoons I used in the site templates are not my work. I bought those.
Can I join your reading group?
Yes! Anyone can join. Just pick up the next book on the reading list and leave your thoughts in the comments. The books are scheduled monthly, but the beauty of an online group is you can read at your own pace and contribute when you’re ready. I would LOVE more readers. And if you have a book request, email me.
How else can I get involved or get connected?
The best way is to contribute your work and comments here, but you can also follow @theplotfactory on twitter, join The Plot Factory email list (emails are sporadic), or send me an email. If we’re ever in the same town, I’m always up for a beer or coffee.
If I contribute work to the site, will I get paid?
Maybe–hopefully–but not by me (except in high-fives and undying friendship). Hopefully, this venue will be a good resource for advancing your writing career, but all work shared here is voluntary.