Independent Bookstore Day!

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If you’re a book-lover, you probably know that no two independent bookstores are the same. Some are cozy. Some are cool. Some are just plain weird. But they are all integral parts of our communities. Today is Independent Bookstore Day–a day to celebrate what we love about these great local institutions.

Why not show the world some love for your local store, and help promote indy bookstores nationwide? This week, is running a twitter blitz to show our support for these fine institutions.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Support your local independent bookstore–buy a book!
  2. Take a selfie or have a friend snap a picture of you and your book in front of your local store.
  3. Tweet your picture @theplotfactory. Include the hashtags #lovemyindy and #bookstoreday. Not on twitter? You can also email it to
  4. Spread the word! Tell your friends to participate, follow #lovemyindy and @theplotfactory, and retweet your favorite pics.

At the end of the week (May 6), there will be a drawing of all the people who send a picture. The winner will get $20 to spend at the store where they took their picture.

But here’s the best part–You will be helping to support and promote the people who work make our communities vibrant and unique!

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