The North Water

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whalingWhile I’m working on finishing up The Underground Railroad, I got a notification yesterday that the digital audiobook of The North Water (May’s selection) was available for me to check out. So I started listening during my commute. Two things:

  1. The narration of the book is beautiful, and I love the voice work. I need to find out who is reading.
  2. This book is going to be brutal. In the first chapter alone has enough cringe-worthy material to scare me away from some books.

But I bought the book and I’m committed to it. Just don’t listen to the audiobook on a family outing in the car.

In other booklist news, I think I’m going to revise the list again. There are just so many good possibilities and the books that are in the news pull me in all sorts of directions. I’ve been considering making The Hate U Give June’s book. Or maybe a sci-fi page-turner? Thoughts? Other ideas? Give me some feedback on what you would enjoy reading as a break from sadistic slave hunters and sociopathic whaling crews.


  1. This lead-in doesn’t inspire me with excitement, but we’ll see. The Underground Railroad has been quite difficult for my sensitive soul. The narrator is named John Keating. Wasn’t that the name of the teacher in Dead Poet’s Society? At least there’s that!

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